Automatic Microcontroller Programmer


First prototype of my 3-axis  Automatic IC  Programming System.

The purpose of this project is to design a 3 axis automated programming system for programming devices such as CPLDs,  microcontrollers and EEPROMs.

While programming numerous devices, an automated system is needed. For this purpose, a prototype system has been designed with 3 axis. The system consists of electronics, mechanics and vacuum parts. All of these are controlled by ATMEL’s ATMEGA128 8 bit microcontroller using C language. In this design, microcontrollers have been programmed which have TQFP44 package. With some modifications on hardware and software, the designed system is able to program the devices which have different packages. Thanks to the user interface software, programming results (which of the devices are programmed and which are not) can be seen on PC.






Photos from some of my projects.

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Ballistic Chronograph

bulletThis is my first version of Ballistic Chronograph. They are used to measure the speed of a bullet. There are various ways to do this. I used optical system to detect the pass of the bullet and it’s speed.

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Plasma Speaker

My plasma speaker system. arcI used a flyback transformer from an old CRT monitor. A TL494 based circuit drives the transformer with audio modulated signal. Result : audio modulated high voltage arc. Sound without a conventional speaker. Just for fun!



Electronics Workbench

small_bench Some photos of my electronics workbench.